The focus of Voetspore over the past 16 years has always been to introduce South African viewers to new, relatively unknown destinations. Africa was the focus. Johan Badenhorst and his team of six, driving three four wheel drive vehicles, travelled more than 300 000 kilometres on the continent, visiting 40 countries. During more than 150 hours of televised programmes, countless videos on YouTube, numerous talks to church groups, schools and other fundraisers, more than 120 000 followers on Facebook and the distribution of thousands of DVD’s, the Voetspore team became one of the most trusted sources of exploring destinations off the beaten track in Africa to South Africans and viewers from abroad.


After leaving the African continent for the first time during the production of Voetspore in Madagascar in 2016, the team believe it is now time to move on and introduce South African viewers to the other members of BRICS. BRICS is the acronym for an association of five major emerging national economies: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.  It was decided to start with India and to visit the sub-continent from 15 April to 15 July, 2017.


The initial plan is to travel from Mumbai to Goa, Hampi, Kerala, Chennai, Konark, Kolkata, West Bengal, Sikkum, Southern Himalayas, Varanasi, Ganges, Dehli, Ladakh, Himalyas, Kashmir and Gujarat.


Using two four wheel drive vehicles and two classic Royal Enfield motorcycles the team want to explore India, circumnavigating the subcontinent. This we believe will not only make for fascinating television, but also will encourage other travellers to visit these destinations. Even though historically there has been very close links between South Africa and India, this country still remains a bit of a mystery to many South African viewers. Spending three months in India, visiting all the main centres, the team hope to give an insight into the variety and complexities of this fascinating country.


Johan Badenhorst


Johan is the Voetspore Team leader. This is his 13th Voetspore adventure since 2000. Covering more than 250 000 kilometers, visiting 40 countries in Africa makes him one of the most travelled modern day explorers of the continent. Johan is married to Alma and he lives in Kleinmond in the Western Cape, South Africa.

William Warren


William is the videographer and editor of the Voetspore adventure documentaries. William got involved by editing the Agulhas to Alexandria and Voetspore on the Equator Series, but since Voetspore in the Great Rift Valley William also moved in behind the camera. Of all the team members William is the only one to have travelled in India extensively. William lives in Pretoria.

Stefan Sonnekus


Stefan previously worked on a number of Voetspore series as editor, photographer and videographer. Since his move to the Western Cape some seven years ago, he became less involved in the production, but now makes a welcome return as photographer on this series. Stefan is marries to Elizna and with their son Sebastian they reside in Paarl, Western Cape.

Streicher Badenhorst


Streicher started on his first Voetspore journey when he was 9 years old. He continued travelling with the team until the age of 16 when first school obligations and later university studies prevented him from joining the expedition. Now, in his final year at university of Stellenbosch, Streicher once more is part of Voetspore. Streicher is primarily responsible for the drone footage, for which he uses a DJI Mavic.

Simon Wearne


Simon is a relatively new member of Voetspore, yet through his experience as a tour guide in the Namib offers a serious contribution to the team. Voetspore in India will be his third journey. Simon is responsible for the logistics. He lives in Walvis Bay, Namibia, and is single.


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